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    Checking In with Diana Rockbrune

    June 26, 2020  |  By:  Oatley Vigmond

    As Ontarians navigate the effects of COVID-19, it’s important for everyone to make an effort to keep in touch with friends and loved ones as best that they can. We are currently reaching out to Oatley Vigmond’s lawyers, accident benefits specialists, and hard-working staff through a recurring “Checking In With _________” Q&A segment hosted on the firm’s website.

    Today’s check-in is with Oatley Vigmond Events Coordinator Diana Rockbrune.

    One way her life has changed due to COVID:

    “We went from being the busiest sports-and-working family to having almost no scheduled activities, in one day. My hockey goalie son was in the finals of his OMHA championships and my baseball pitcher son had just signed with the IBL’s Barrie Baycats.  Both seasons cancelled. There were a few sad days for us mourning the loss of sport.”

    Her first purchase when she heard businesses were temporarily closing:

    “My first stop was the hair supply outlet to stock up on products.  I must have known that we would be having regular Zoom calls.”

    How she has been spending her extra time at home this year:

    “My youngest son and I have been trying do some baking since we never have had time for that. One day in April I allowed him to make muffins and I thankfully noticed him pouring Lestoil into the measuring cup. OMG. I guess I need to hide the solvents that may kill us. Coincidentally, this was the same day that Donald Trump was quoted suggesting that people should inject disinfectants into their foods to kill the virus.”


    The first place she will go when quarantine restrictions are lifted:

    “The gym for a return to my regular yoga classes.”

    If she could go back right now to any place in the world she’s visited:

    “I would like to be dropped off at Santa Monica, California to enjoy the beach.”

    How the pandemic is changing the industry and her role within it:

    “As a representative of the firm, I’m a familiar face at industry functions. We put a lot of detail into organizing and executing Oatley Vigmond’s conferences and events to help create lasting relationships with our colleagues. Typically, the Marketing team is responsible for 25+ events in June alone. The events industry was hit hard by this pandemic, so what did we do? Pivot. We postponed or cancelled most of our 2020 events and quickly became virtual to keep in touch with valued connections via webinars.  Additionally, I have been able to lend my events-planning expertise to various industry organizations (OBIA, BIST, CLEW, etc.) to help them with arranging online fundraising initiatives.  These groups depend on this annual funding to maintain programming for their clients and others in need.”

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