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    Checking In with Nick Smith

    May 22, 2020  |  By:  Oatley Vigmond, Nicholas W. Smith

    As Ontarians navigate the effects of COVID-19, it’s important for everyone to make an effort to keep in touch with friends and loved ones as best that they can. During the next few months, we’ll be reaching out to Oatley Vigmond’s lawyers, accident benefits specialists, and hard-working staff through a recurring “Checking In With _________” Q&A segment hosted on the firm’s website.

    Today’s check-in is with Oatley Vigmond Associate Lawyer Nicholas W. Smith.

    How he’s been spending his extra time at home this year:

    “Because there’s really nowhere else to go, I’ve been focusing on the lawn and trying to resurrect it from the damage done by an overly inquisitive puppy. Aside from a somewhat lengthy wait to receive supplies from the hardware stores, it’s been nice having some time to focus on improving the garden.”

    How the pandemic is changing the industry:

    “Many of our clients were concerned that coronavirus would put the brakes on their files. Fortunately, that has largely not been the case. Discoveries and mediations are proceeding via Zoom and other similar services, and to be honest, I’d be quite happy for these practices to continue even after the current crisis has passed. Doing discoveries from home allows clients to give their evidence from a comfortable environment and saves them the hassle of travelling to a reporting centre to give evidence in person. Some clients are seeing delays in accessing certain medical professionals, but many of those medical professionals have begun offering services remotely, which has allowed clients to continue receiving the treatment they need. While the current situation has presented us with new challenges, it has been quite remarkable to see how the industry as a whole has adapted to our new reality.”

    What he misses the most in life:

    “Definitely spending time with friends and family. While I thought I would miss going to movies and going out for dinner, I’ve found replacements for those activities at home by trying new hobbies and dusting off some neglected ones. Unfortunately, there really does not appear to be a good replacement for face-to-face time with the family and I am very excited to see them again in person.  Also, though this is slightly less upsetting, I would have to say that the dog groomer is also sorely missed…”

    How he’s keeping entertained:

    “Aside from work, like everyone else I found myself wrapped up in watching the tragicomedy of Tiger King. I’ve dusted off the old guitar, but that’s about as close as I’ve come to actually playing it. I’m trying to upgrade my woodworking skills and I also made the poor decision to try and get back into running. Otherwise, I’ve been trying some new recipes in the kitchen and am hoping to finally finish the novel I started reading shortly after I started at Oatley Vigmond back in 2016. Virtual Reality (VR) video games are a fun way to unwind, as well.”

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    Nicholas W. Smith

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