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Canada Launches No-Fault Vaccine Injury Support Program

July 8, 2021|  By:  Karen Vigmond

On December 10, 2020, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the Public Health Agency of...

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Medial Branch Blocks for Diagnosis of Facet Joint Pain Etiology and Use in Chronic Pain Litigation

November 9, 2020|  By:  Oatley Vigmond, Adam R. Little,

In November 2020, Oatley Vigmond Partner Adam Little co-authored a paper titled, Medial Branch...

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Fighting to get back to her fighting weight

October 8, 2020|  By:  Oatley Vigmond

Recovering from a traumatic car accident is difficult enough. But for one patient, her challenges...

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“If I Cancel My Trip Because of COVID-19, Will I Be Covered by My Travel Insurance Policy?”

March 13, 2020|  By:  Liane Brown

As new cases of COVID-19 continue to spread, Canadians may be asking themselves if it is worth it...

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The Difference Between TBI & ABI

February 25, 2020|  By:  Bill Kirwin

When dealing with injured clients and medical professionals, we often hear of the terms ‘TBI’...

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How to Recognize and Treat a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury After an Accident

October 22, 2018|  By:  Lara Fitzgerald-Husek

A Traumatic Brain Injury or “TBI” occurs when a sudden trauma causes damage to the brain (TBI...

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