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    Accident Benefits

    If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you are entitled to accident benefits. Our team has been helping injured Ontarians acquire the care and compensation they deserve for over 40 years.

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      OATLEY VIGMOND – Your Accident Benefits Specialists

      In this section, we review some fundamental facts about accident benefits. If you think you may be entitled to accident benefits, use the contact form listed above or call  1-888-662-2481  for a free, no-risk consultation.

      Accident benefits are available for automobile accidents and also for accidents involving snowmobiles, dirt-bikes and other off-road vehicles. Accident benefits are paid by your own insurance company regardless of who is at fault for the collision. This is why they are sometimes called no-fault benefits. If you do not have insurance, they are paid by the insurance company of the other vehicle involved in the collision. If there is no vehicle involved in the collision with insurance then you are entitled to accident benefits through the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund.

      Accident benefits are of huge importance to seriously injured people. Coverage is provided for medical-rehabilitation expenses, attendant care, housekeeping, income replacement, visitor expenses and other benefits.

      EXPERIENCE – Oatley Vigmond’s Greatest Asset

      Some seriously injured people think that they do not need a lawyer to deal with their claim for accident benefits. This is a mistake. Insurance companies do not always pay the benefits they should. They sometimes fail to tell people about the benefits they are entitled to. They often cut benefits off unreasonably. An experienced personal injury lawyer will ensure you understand the benefits that are available. They will also advocate for you if the insurance company unreasonably cuts off a benefit.

      Accident benefits insurance companies know and respect Oatley Vigmond. Our success in the Courtroom in accident benefits case is one of the reasons for this respect. One of the most important issues in accident benefits is catastrophic impairment. A person who is proven to be catastrophically impaired is entitled to $1 million in medical-rehabilitation benefits and $1 million in attendant care benefits. A person who is not proven to be catastrophically impaired is only entitled to $50,000 in medical-rehabilitation benefits and $36,000 in attendant care benefits. Since 2009 there have been three seminal cases that have gone to the Court of Appeal for Ontario on the issue of what constitutes a catastrophic impairment. Oatley Vigmond lawyers were involved in all of them and successfully argued all of them.

      If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident retaining Oatley Vigmond will mean that you will be represented by a lawyer expert in accident benefits. You will also be assisted by one of our accident benefits specialists, who are former insurance adjusters. Because our accident benefits specialists used to work for insurance companies they know how accident benefits claims are managed by insurance companies. They will assist you in getting all the benefits you are entitled to. They will also ensure that your care is provided by top notch rehabilitation professionals who will be focused on your recovery and well-being.

      If you have additional questions accident benefits, or would like to find out if you’re eligible, call  1-888-662-2481  to get in touch with our team for a free consultation.

      RISK-FREE REPRESENTATION – Oatley Vigmond’s Promise

      Many injury victims become burdened with medical bills and rehabilitative expenses, yet are rendered incapable of returning to work for some time. This can place a significant amount of financial and emotional stress on the individuals and their families. Fortunately, compensation may be available through Oatley Vigmond’s risk-free representation.

      We offer free consultations and waive all legal fees in the event of an unsuccessful claim. In doing so, we can extend our support to as many people as possible, offering qualified legal care without putting families at risk of deepening their debt.

      We have a proven history of advocating for our clients’ accident benefits rights. Our lawyers, accident benefits specialists and support staff work side-by-side to offer the highest level of legal guidance and support. We encourage you to listen to what our clients say about our lawyers, accident benefits specialists and the Oatley Vigmond approach.

      PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST – Oatley Vigmond’s Mandate

      At Oatley Vigmond, our role extends beyond securing your accident benefits. We distinguish ourselves from other firms through the Oatley Vigmond approach, which mandates attentive and comprehensive care from first call to final contact.

      In the wake of a serious injury, we know that your needs extend beyond the financial. Our experienced personal injury lawyers help obtain the maximum accident benefits, as well as ensuring that a person’s immediate needs are met while in hospital and upon discharge home.

      Over the course of a lawsuit, we develop a special relationship with our clients. We encourage you to listen to what our clients have to say about our lawyers, accident benefits specialists and the Oatley Vigmond approach.

      CONSULT WITH OATLEY VIGMOND – Understand Your Options

      Oatley Vigmond represents injured Ontarians in need of accident benefits specialists. If you have been seriously injured please contact us to receive a free consultation from one of our experienced personal injury lawyers. Book your free consultation by calling us at  1-888-662-2481.


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