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    Brain injury litigation is one of Oatley Vigmond’s primary practice areas. Across our 40 year history, we have secured some of Canada’s largest multi-million dollar brain injury verdicts and settlements. We offer absolutely free legal consultations for Ontarians, and you do not pay until we win your case.

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      We offer free consultations and promise to waive all legal fees in the case of an unsuccessful claim. Oatley Vigmond gives concussion victims and brain injury survivors the help they need to achieve lifelong financial stability.


      A concussion is by definition an injury to the brain. Sometimes brain injuries are called head injuries. Usually concussions result in mild brain injuries, but even mild brain injuries can have serious consequences to someone’s ability to function. Any trauma to the head can result in a so-called concussion.

      No two concussions or head injuries are the same. The symptoms and effects can be very different in each case. As a result, some people dismiss the early signs and symptoms as “nothing,” and wait until they get worse before seeing a medical professional. It is important that you speak with a medical professional any time you sustain any sort of head trauma. Because head injuries are cumulative, it is important that your medical doctor have a history of any significant trauma to your head.

      The symptoms of a concussion can include:
      ● Balance problems or dizziness
      ● Trouble with focus or comprehension
      ● Double or fuzzy vision
      ● Sensitivity to light or noise
      ● Nausea
      ● Feeling sluggish, foggy or groggy
      ● Feeling unusually irritable
      ● Concentration or short term memory problems
      ● Fatigue

      The very nature of a concussion compromises your normal brain activity. Sometimes people find themselves unable to work and function properly in their activities of daily living.

      There are many law firms that claim they can help you following an accident that results in a concussion. The Oatley Vigmond approach and our experience in head injury cases is what sets us apart. We have acted for thousands of people with this kind of injury. Many of our lawyers are Certified Litigation Specialists by the Law Society of Upper Canada; the only body that governs Ontario’s lawyers ensuring that the people of Ontario are served by lawyers who meet high standards of learning, competence and professional conduct. Our experienced personal injury lawyers help seek compensation and address immediate needs while recovery is taking place in the hospital.

      We have a proven history of advocating and winning on behalf of people with mild brain injuries and their families. Our lawyers, accident benefits specialists and support staff work side by side to offer the highest level of legal guidance to see a case through to a successful settlement. Over the course of a lawsuit we develop a special relationship with our clients; many of whom have been involved in accidents resulting in a concussion. We encourage you to listen to what our clients say about our lawyers, accident benefits specialists and the Oatley Vigmond approach.

      Oatley Vigmond represents people who have been involved in accidents which have resulted in concussions across Ontario.

      If you have been seriously injured please contact us to receive a free consultation from one of our experienced personal injury lawyers.