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    Eye Injury and Blindness

    Oatley Vigmond Personal Injury Lawyers LLP provides immediate and ongoing care personal injury victims from the first call to final contact. We put people first and support traumatic eye injury victims through every stage of their physical and financial recovery. Our team has delivered landmark verdicts and settlements in Canadian personal injury law.

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      Serious eye injury and blindness can occur as a result of:

      • Impact to the eye or sharp object penetration
      • Chemical splashes
      • Excessive dirt, grit, or rust-rings in the eye
      • Dangerous bright light exposure
      • Traumatic head injury
      • Medical negligence
      • Certain diseases and medical conditions

      If you’ve been a victim of serious personal injury resulting in traumatic loss of eyesight, or are conducting research on behalf of a loved one who has, you likely have questions. Loss of sight can be partial, full, permanent, or temporary, which can leave the individual’s recovery outcome uncertain. Furthermore, the lifestyle changes imposed by a loss of vision can leave them wondering how they’ll manage the day-to-day responsibilities taken on prior to the accident.

      How will I drive my kids to school? Who will clean my house? How am I supposed to pay my hydro bill? Will I ever be able to work?

      Oatley Vigmond – Your Trusted Legal Advocate

      Hiring a personal injury lawyer to advocate for your loved one will be one of the most important things you do in the aftermath of the accident. The loss of wages and cost of medical care and equipment associated with this injury can push families into a tailspin if reputable representation is not secured early on. Furthermore, time-sensitive deadlines set by legal and insurance authorities must be met in order for your case to be considered. Accordingly, it is in your best interest to find a trustworthy legal advocate to help you navigate complicated medical and legal frameworks that pertain to your case.

      Oatley Vigmond is home to the brightest, most creative, and most productive people in the industry. Our personal injury lawyers bring sound judgement, passion, and empathy into every case, and they will fight to secure you the greatest possible outcome. If your case pits you against large municipalities or corporate bodies’ well-funded defense teams, it’s imperative that you choose a personal injury law firm with a proven history of success, and Oatley Vigmond’s 40-year track record speaks for itself.

      Putting People First – Comprehensive Care from our Personal Injury Team

      When you choose Oatley Vigmond, you acquire more than legal representation: our personal injury lawyers act as members of your overall support group. We can help you handle the demands of everyday life which may be challenging or unfamiliar in the wake of your accident, and we’ll take a leading role in the assembly of your rehabilitative care team. We refer our clients only to the most reputable medical experts and rehabilitation specialists while maintaining our role as legal advocates.

      No-Cost Legal Consultation and Risk-Free Representation

      Financial stress can be an unwelcome distraction during your recovery. Loss of eyesight can lead to a number of chronic, lifelong direct and indirect expenses, including:

      • Braille materials and instruction
      • Medical vision aids and devices
      • Productivity loss
      • Nursing home fees
      • Informal care
      • Assistance programs
      • Therapy

      Oatley Vigmond believes in no-cost consultations and risk-free representation for all victims coping with traumatic loss of eyesight. Our personal injury law firm will not burden you or your family with unwanted financial stress during your trying times. Our consultations are 100% free, and you don’t pay until we win your case. In doing so, we put our compassion care and 40 years of legal expertise in reach of anyone in Ontario.

      Contact Oatley Vigmond

      Though we often take it for granted, our eyesight is one of the most precious gifts. Serious eye injury can be devastating for the individual and their loved ones, changing life as they know it and burdening the family with financial pressures from medical bills and loss of employment.

      Call now at 1-888-662-2481 or visit our contact page to speak with an eye injury lawyer and learn more about how Oatley Vigmond can help you get the care and compensation you deserve.