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What Your Game Console Knows About You

August 21, 2017|  By:  Shane Henry

It is staggering to think that across the globe, 65% of all households own a device used for...

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Optional Benefits – Are You As Well Insured As You Think?

June 26, 2017|  By:  Shane Henry

Most people buy, and later renew, their auto insurance without giving any thought to the coverage...

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Move Over, You’re Breaking The Law If You Don’t

April 27, 2017|  By:  Shane Henry

Ontario, like other provinces and the United States, requires drivers to “move over” to allow...

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My Car Hit A Moose: What Are My Legal Rights?

March 10, 2017|  By:  Shane Henry

As an Ontario resident, chances are that you have seen a deer (or other large animal) crossing on...

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The Safe Way To Bundle Your Baby In A Car Seat

February 27, 2017|  By:  Shane Henry

If you believe that putting your baby into a thick coat is the best way to keep them warm in a car...

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Is Your Child’s Car Seat Safe?

February 21, 2017|  By:  Shane Henry

In December 2014, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California allowed a...

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The Benefits of Snow Tires

January 27, 2017|  By:  Shane Henry

In April 2015, the Ontario government announced that insurance companies would be required to...

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My Cell Phone Is Learning That I Am A Shopaholic

January 3, 2017|  By:  Shane Henry

The use of mobile payments is increasing in Canada and throughout the world. Consumers are using...

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My Cell Phone Knows That I Am A Good Driver

November 8, 2016|  By:  Shane Henry

We should all know by now that it is dangerous to use a smartphone while driving but what many...

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The ABC’s of School Bus Safety

September 12, 2016|  By:  Shane Henry

If the roads look busier now that school is back in session, it is because they are. Every school...

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