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On December 24, 2015, the Defendant stole a car. He was driving around in Brampton with a friend. Elizabeth was walking across the street, in a cross-walk. The young criminal turned left and ran over Elizabeth. He drove away, leaving Elizabeth lying on the street with a serious brain injury. Elizabeth will never work again and requires constant treatment and care. She has two young daughters and was recently widowed.

I received the utmost support throughout this life changing event in my life from both my lawyers and my healthcare team. They always had my best interest at heart. I would never be where I am today in my recovery process and financial considerations had it not been for my team of professionals and my lawyers. I was always their first priority in my long healing journey and I can’t thank them enough for seeing me and my children through this!

Jim and Brian and their team were all extremely supportive, prompt and informative every step of the way. I never had to worry about a thing. If I was unsure or concerned about anything at any time, they always had my questions answered as quickly as possible and would follow up with the necessary support for my well-being which always took top priority.

They were my first and only choice whom I would recommend to anyone needing the best representation you could get at such a vulnerable and frightening time. – Elizabeth Grant