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    Reshma was a happy and hardworking 39 year old young woman when she suffered physical and psychological injuries in a motor vehicle collision. Within two years of moving to Toronto from Guyana, Reshma was working two jobs. Reshma and her husband had a dream of one day buying a house and having a family. Reshma’s life was upended when another motorist attempted a dangerous left turn directly into her path of travel. The collision left Reshma terrified, and with a broken rib and soft tissue injuries. She developed chronic pain and depression over her loss of function, her inability to work, and her feelings of inadequacy. These symptoms persisted despite multidisciplinary therapy and trials of medications. We started a tort action for damages on Reshma’s behalf against the at-fault driver, and we pursued income replacement benefits, medical/rehab benefits, and a declaration of Catastrophic Impairment against her accident benefits insurer. We were able to successfully resolve all of Reshma’s tort claims and accident benefits claims at a joint mediation.

    I couldn’t have asked for any better than what I received. My team handled every situation promptly – an extremely professional, amazing, genuine team. I’m very pleased with the outcome of my case. Robert Durante is very knowledgeable, experienced, and he handled my case in such a professional manner. Each and every person on my team were very friendly, educated, intelligent, knowledgeable, and most of all very professional. After an MVA, life is not the same as before. As a client I didn’t have my family here, but God led me to Oatley Vigmond law firm and I have no regrets. I think I have made the best choice. A caring, understandable and most wonderful team. I feel completely as family. Thanks a million to each and everyone who has worked dedicatedly on my file. Words cannot explain how much I appreciate my team. God bless all of you for the strength you gave to me. – Reshma Deokaran