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    Head Injury Caused By Faulty Road Signage

    Our client was a 27 year-old man who was driving late at night on a country road that he did not know well.   The road was straight for a long stretch.   At the end of the long straight section of road there was a sharp curve.   At the end of the sharp curve there was a stop sign and a T intersection.   According to the prevailing standards for signage the curve should have been marked with a warning sign and chevrons.  It was not.   There should have been a stop-ahead warning sign.  There was not.   There should have been a large checkerboard sign on the other side of the T intersection.  There was not.   Because of the absence of signage our client was taken by surprise, failed to stop and drove across the through road and into a forested area.   He was initially diagnosed with a concussion and a broken nose and orbital bone.   Unfortunately, he continued to struggle with significant post-concussion cognitive symptoms. The impact of the traumatic brain injury proved to be permanent.  While he was able to return to work he struggled in his job and had to take on less responsibility and ultimately less pay.   His claim was settled for $1 million.