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    Medical Doctor Crushed by His Own Truck When Transmission Failed

    In this case we sued Chrysler because the transmission of our client’s truck slipped from park into reverse, pinning our client and fracturing his pelvis. His pelvis healed uneventfully but the trauma set off a neurological chain reaction that impaired his ability to practice medicine. Our client had suffered from polio as a child, but by virtue of his will to succeed he developed a successful medical practice and led an active life. We retained a world leading expert to convince the court that the trauma had triggered a cascade of neurological events resulting in our client’s health deteriorating. We used novel demonstrative evidence in this case to show how our client’s gait had deteriorated. Using a short video of our client walking an animator created an image of our client’s gait, which the animator compared to another image of our clients gait at the time of trial.  After a trial the jury found Chrysler liable for in excess of $1,200,000.