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    Government Fails to Revoke License of Man with History of Seizure

    Our young client was a university student with a promising future.  He was operating a chip wagon in Windsor Ontario.  Standing in the chip truck he was surrounded by stainless steel vats with boiling grease.  Little did he know that a man who should not have been on the road was suffering a seizure not far from the chip wagon.  The man’s car swerved, out of control, toward the chip wagon.  Because of the collision boiling grease splashed all over our client’s body.  He suffered the worst possible burns all over his body except his face.  After years of painful skin grafting the young man remained hideously scarred.  He because a recluse.  He will live the rest of his life with excruciating pain and psychological turmoil.  We sued the driver.  We sued the doctors who failed to report the driver to the Ministry of Transportation.  We sued the Ministry for taking so long to respond when one doctor did report.  After several weeks of trial the parties capitulated and we recovered a confidential sum in the millions – enough to provide care for this young man for the rest of his life.