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    Young Man Suffers Neck Fractures and Spinal Cord Injury Diving In

    Our young client was a university student with a promising future.  He was visiting a resort located on a lake.   There was a dock at the resort that extended out into the lake.  The dock was elevated more than three feet above the surface of the water.   The water at the end of the dock was only about a foot deep.  However, at night it was impossible to tell that the water was so shallow.   The dock looked like it was meant for swimming, with a swimming ladder.   There was no sign warning unfamiliar guests that the water at the end of the dock was so shallow.   Our client presumed the water was deep because of the way the dock looked and dove in.  He suffered multiple fractures in his neck from C4-7 and was left a complete quadriplegic.   We sued the resort and discovered evidence that employees of the resort had considered the danger associated with the shallow water at the end of the dock before our client was injured but had failed to put up a sign.  We were able to settle the case for a confidential sum in the millions.   The settlement was enough to provide care for our client for the rest of his life and he has returned to university with the care and support that he needs.