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Did you or a loved one suffer a personal injury that resulted in the loss of a limb? If you were injured due to someone else’s carelessness, or if your accident occurred in a motor vehicle, you are most likely entitled to compensation.

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Experience – Oatley Vigmond’s greatest asset

For more than 40 years, we have helped serious personal injury victims in Ontario recover – physically, emotionally, and financially. In that time, we have earned landmark settlements, and been distinguished by the Law Society of Upper Canada. Though there are many qualified firms to choose from, we believe that our experience helps us stand out from the competition.

Whether your injury occurred on the job or the roadways, our specialists can assist you. For those whose injuries involved motor vehicles, we assign accident benefits specialists. These former insurance adjusters bring a unique insider perspective to help navigate time-sensitive policy processes and ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation.

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Risk-free representation – Oatley Vigmond’s promise

Those who have suffered personal injuries resulting in a loss of limbs are typically burdened with expensive medical bills. To make matters worse, their injuries often prevent them from returning to work, which places tremendous financial stress on the individual and their families during trying times.

You are likely entitled to compensation, and our team can help you obtain the maximum amount without taking on any financial risk. We offer free consultations and promise to waive any legal fees in the event that your claim is unsuccessful. In doing so, we make our counsel available to anyone in Ontario, risk-free.

We have a proven history of advocating and winning on behalf of injured persons and their families. Our lawyers, accident benefits specialists and support staff work side-by-side to offer the highest level of legal guidance to help you obtain the care you need and to see you through to a successful settlement.

Putting people first – Oatley Vigmond’s mandate

At Oatley Vigmond, we understand that the cost of an amputation extends beyond the financial. The loss of a limb is a devastating injury both physically and emotionally. For this reason, it is important to partner with a personal injury firm that is experienced in enabling the physical, emotional, and financial recovery of individuals who have lost a limb.

The average claim can take upwards of 2-4 years to reach a resolution, which is too long for victims and their families to go unsupported. For this reason, we ensure members of our team are standing by at all times to offer whatever service is necessary. We obtain the maximum compensation for the financial consequences of the injury and provide our clients with the highest level of support and care to address the physical and emotional impact of the injury. Drawing on our extensive professional network, we will also help you assemble your rehabilitative care team.

We can help by taking away the stress of having to deal with insurance companies. Because of our success at trial, we know how to investigate an accident and put a case together. We also take on a very active role in ensuring that our clients obtain the best treatment and care through the accident benefits system. Our accident benefits specialists are former insurance adjusters which gives them a unique perspective and advantage of how to manage an accident benefits claim through the insurance company. We work to get the care you need funded. Because personal injury is all we do, we know and have access to the best health care professionals.

Over the course of a lawsuit we develop a special relationship with our clients; many of which have been involved in an accident that have has resulted in an amputation. We encourage you to listen to what our clients say about our lawyers, accident benefits specialists and the Oatley Vigmond approach.

Consult with Oatley Vigmond - Understand your options

If your injury was caused by the negligence of another party you can recover compensation from that party’s injury company. If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident you also have access to accident benefits. Under the accident benefits system you are entitled to medical-rehabilitation expenses, the cost of attendant care, income replacement, housekeeping expenses and other benefits.

Oatley Vigmond represents people who have been in accidents that result in an amputation throughout Ontario. If you have been seriously injured please contact us to receive a free consultation from one of our experienced personal injury lawyers.

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