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    At Oatley Vigmond, we understand that the best recovery outcomes require more than legal representation alone. Most personal injury cases take an average of two years to reach their conclusion, which is two years too long for injury victims to be left unsupported. Our firm provides immediate care to accommodate the needs of our clients, and maintains ongoing support through every day of their recovery. We will be there for you from your first call to our final contact, ready to assist you in any way possible.

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      EXPERIENCE – Oatley Vigmond’s Greatest Asset 

      One of our primary areas of practice is brain injury litigation. We have secured some of Canada’s largest multi-million dollar brain injury verdicts and settlements in our 40 year history. We offer free legal consultations and you do not pay until we resolve your case.

      RISK-FREE REPRESENTATION – Oatley Vigmond’s Promise

      We offer free consultations and promise to waive all legal fees in the event of an unsuccessful claim. Oatley Vigmond gives brain injury survivors the help they need to achieve lifelong financial stability and peace of mind with risk-free representation.

      Call 1-888-662-2481 to speak with a lawyer, or visit our contact page for a no-risk consultation.

      TRANSPARENCY – Understanding Our Approach to Brain Injury

      The human brain is a complicated anatomical structure. Litigation surrounding traumatic brain injuries can be similarly complex.

      With over 40 years of success, Oatley Vigmond Personal Injury Lawyers LLP is Ontario’s brain injury litigation authority. We have some of the most highly recognized brain injury lawyers in Canada. We have helped thousands of people who have suffered mild to severe brain injuries. We have handled many cases involving intracranial hematoma, diffuse axonal injury, and more.

      At Oatley Vigmond Personal Injury Lawyers LLP we use a team-based approach. Right from the start, we’ll become a core member of your team, making sure you understand the legal, insurance, and medical process. Our skilled former insurance adjusters (known as Accident Benefits Specialists) take an active role in developing a community health care team dedicated to your rehabilitation, care, and the welfare of your family.

      Drawing on our extensive network of health care providers in the community, we ensure that you not only have high quality legal representation, but the best health care team available. We will connect you with a rehabilitation team that is fully committed to your treatment and long-term well being.

      RESULTS – Millions in Verdicts and Settlements for Our Clients

      Operating under the highest standards of ethical conduct, professionalism, civility, and collegiality, our legal team has secured some of the largest verdicts and settlements in Canadian history. We can help you achieve the best possible outcome for your catastrophic brain injury case. Our team of multidisciplinary experts has obtained the following results:

      • $24-million verdict for two young men, one of whom sustained a brain injury and one of whom sustained a spinal cord injury, after a drunk driving incident. To date, this stands as the largest joint damages verdict in Canadian history.
      • $12-million settlement for a young man sustaining brain injury when a tractor trailer rolled over and struck him at highway speeds.
      • $6-million settlement for a motorcyclist who sustained a brain injury after the other driver involved in the accident executed an improper left turn.
      • $5.5-million settlement for a construction worker who sustained a brain injury after receiving an overdose of medication while being treated in the hospital for injuries inflicted in a car crash.
      • $5.4-million settlement for a four year old boy who suffered a brain injury after falling into a dangerous and improperly-designed display at a retail store.

      PEOPLE COME FIRST – Oatley Vigmond’s Mandate

      Our Oatley Vigmond team is passionate about the well-being of our clients. This is demonstrated by our policy of no-charge consultations and no legal costs unless your traumatic brain injury case is successful.

      Most individuals suffering from traumatic brain injury are hospitalized for extended periods. They are often rendered incapable of returning to work. Paying for rehabilitation and intensive care is hard enough; having to plan financially for a life without employment income can be overwhelming.

      We help our clients achieve financial security so that they can look past these stressors and focus on their recovery. Brain injury survivors who have chosen the Oatley Vigmond team have consistently obtained settlements that help them achieve stability and normalcy.

      Those afflicted by traumatic brain injury may suffer from the following symptoms:

      • Difficulty expressing thoughts
      • Personality changes
      • Headaches
      • Changes to hearing, vision, taste, or smell
      • Convulsions
      • Dizziness and balance issues
      • Sudden mood changes
      • Sense of confusion
      • Problems with short term memory
      • Difficulty word finding
      • Inability to concentrate
      • Anxiety and uneasiness in noisy environments
      • Easily overwhelmed
      • Trouble with focus
      • Seizures
      • Paralysis
      • Coma

      Many brain injury survivors require lifelong care and rehabilitation to manage chronic symptoms. Counselling for the families is often helpful to cope with the changes to their loved ones.

      Part of our commitment to our clients’ well-being involves engaging with the best health care specialists to assist with the recovery process. We connect traumatic brain injury survivors with psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, social workers, rehabilitation support workers, and more.

      Do you have questions about traumatic brain injury and starting a lawsuit? Please click here to get answers to questions we are most frequently asked.

      Call now at 1-888-662-2481 or visit our contact page to learn more about how Oatley Vigmond can help.