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    Need a personal injury law firm in Sarnia?

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      No matter where you live, we’re here for you.

      Our team has secured some of the largest settlements in Canadian history, and we can help you get the results you deserve.

      Oatley Vigmond’s Toronto firm has secured some of Canada’s largest settlements in spinal injury litigation, which has generated a considerable amount of attention for this specific location and practice area. However, Oatley Vigmond is much more than a spinal injury law firm in Toronto; we offer provincewide protection for victims of any form of personal injury.

      We have made it our mandate to help Ontarians in need. We have established offices in strategic locations throughout the province, allowing us to fight for your care and compensation anywhere in Ontario. To date, we have helped countless personal injury victims in Sarnia secure their physical and financial rehabilitation.

      In Sarnia, and across Ontario, we’ve got you covered.

      Words cannot adequately describe the hardship a family endures when a loved one is seriously injured. Taking on additional stress during these trying times is unthinkable, but it’s something that many personal injury victims are forced to do as they scramble to find qualified legal assistance in their city.

      The reality is that your choice of personal injury lawyer will be one of the most important decisions you ever make. A poor choice can jeopardize your physical and financial future. The average case will take between 2 and 4 years to be resolved, and nobody can afford to put their life on hold for years while legal fees accumulate.

      Unfortunately, this is a reality for many Sarnia residents – finding qualified personal injury lawyers isn’t easy. Your legal representative must have a very particular set of skills and competencies for your case to be successful. Your lawyer will need experience at all levels of the Canadian legal system, and have the knowledge needed to navigate complicated medical and insurance frameworks that pertain to your case. Finding this blend of academic and experiential knowledge can be challenging.

      Oatley Vigmond Personal Injury Lawyers LLP exist to make Ontarians’ lives easier during their time of need, regardless of where they are in the province. We house a talented team of legal and insurance authorities who possess the knowledge and skills needed to submit claims, assemble care teams, and take your case to trial. Our team is routinely called upon to represent injured Canadians, and we have secured a number of impressive victories for our clients. Regardless of the outcome of your case, you will not be financially burdened – you only pay when we win your case.

      The right firm, the best fit for you.

      If you’ve been injured in Sarnia, or anywhere else in Ontario, our qualified legal team is standing by to help. Members of our firm have served at the head of the Ontario Trial Lawyers’ Association with distinction, and our partners have been honoured with the elite ‘Certified Litigation Specialist in Civil Litigation’ designation from the Law Society of Upper Canada.

      Prudence is paramount when deciding who to trust with your case, and meeting your lawyer in person is the best assurance you can get – arrange a meeting with a member of our team, and find out for yourself why thousands of Ontarians choose our firm to fight for their care and compensation.


      Call 1-888-662-2481 toll free, or use our online contact form to book a no-cost consultation with our Oatley Vigmond team in Sarnia.