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What You Can Expect

When you or someone you love has been seriously injured, life as you know it can be instantly turned upside down. Amid all the confusion and stress, one of the most critical elements you will need moving forward is a strong advocate on your side who understands the future you face and knows how to navigate it with expertise and compassion.

Getting Started

Right from the start, we’ll become a core member of your care team, making sure you understand the legal, insurance and medical process, and ensuring you have access to the care and support you need during this difficult time. The extensive network of health care providers and specialists we have put together over the years has a deep understanding of the tort claim process and how treatment can affect the case resolution. Our network is not affiliated with any insurance company, so you can be confident they have your best care in mind throughout the treatment process.

Your Immediate Needs

Immediately following a catastrophic injury, you will be confronted with a great number of decisions. It is our role to be your advocate and help you navigate the complex and confusing insurance process. We make the process as simple and smooth for you as possible, from taking care of all of the insurance paperwork to arranging a home assessment before discharge from hospital. We are on your team and you can rest assured knowing we have everything covered for a smooth transition from hospital to home.

Important Dates To Remember

What is the first thing you should do when you have been seriously injured in an accident? Some guidance on key dates and deadlines.

7 Days

Injured parties or representatives must notify the auto insurance company if they were injured in a motor vehicle accident.

10 Days

Injured parties must place the municipality or province on notice if they plan to make a claim due to such factors as a slip and fall on municipal property, or a failure to keep municipal or provincial roads in a state of good repair.

30 Days

Injured parties must complete application for statutory accident benefits with own auto insurance company.

60 Days

Injured parties must file a notice of claim to the province prior to commencing a lawsuit against the provincial government.

120 Days

Injured parties must place the potential defendants on notice of a claim if the injury claim relates to a motor vehicle accident.

2 Years

Deadline by which the injured party must commence a lawsuit against all potential defendants.