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    Motor Vehicle Accidents

    At Oatley Vigmond, we understand that the best personal injury lawyers offer more than legal representation alone. Personal injury cases involving motor vehicles take an average of two years to reach their conclusion, which is too long for injury victims to go unsupported.

    Courtroom representation aside, our firm offers immediate care to accommodate the needs of our clients, and provides ongoing support through every day of their recovery. We will be there for you from your first call to our final contact, ready to assist you in any way possible.

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      EXPERIENCE – Oatley Vigmond’s Greatest Asset

      One of our primary areas of practice is motor vehicle accident litigation. We have obtained landmark settlements throughout our 40 year tenure, and awarded our clients some of the largest payments in Canadian history. We offer absolutely free legal consultations, and collect no legal fees until we win your case.

      RISK-FREE REPRESENTATION – Oatley Vigmond’s Promise

      We offer free consultations and promise to waive all legal fees in the case of an unsuccessful claim. Oatley Vigmond gives motor vehicle accident victims the help they need to achieve lifelong financial stability without putting families at risk in the event of an unsuccessful claim.

      PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST – Oatley Vigmond’s Mandate

      Our Oatley Vigmond legal team is passionate about the well-being of our clients. This can be seen in our practice policies: we offer absolutely free consultations, and will not collect legal fees unless your motor vehicle accident claim is successful. We designed these policies to empower Canadian motor vehicle accident victims, enabling them to seek advice and explore their legal options without adding financial or emotional stress during their time of need.

      We fight for our client’s financial security so that they can focus on recovery rather than worrying about providing for themselves and their loved ones. Motor vehicle accident victims who have chosen Oatley Vigmond for their legal representation have consistently earned rewarding settlements able to provide stability, normalcy, and security during the most uncertain of times.

      Motor Vehicle Accidents – An Everyday Epidemic

      Ontario’s roads and highways are hazardous for all motorists. Recent findings by the Ontario Road Safety Annual Reports (ORSAR) estimate that there are over 80,000 collisions resulting in personal injury or death each year. Irresponsible drivers, perilous weather conditions, and vehicular malfunctions cause dangerous accidents every day, putting motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists at risk.

      Motor vehicle accidents occur off-road too, with snowmobile, ATV, and boat collisions adding serious weight to province-wide injury statistics.

      Regardless of what type of motor vehicle accident you have been involved with, the serious injuries arising from these collisions can be life-changing. Your ability to care for yourself, earn an income, or participate in activities you used to enjoy could be permanently affected.

      The realization that your independent lifestyle has irrevocably changed can be jarring: knowing who to turn to in this distressing time is crucial. You need legal consultation, support, and representation that you can trust with your future.

      Consult with Oatley Vigmond – Understand Your Options

      Failing to understand your legal options after a motor vehicle accident can make a difficult situation even worse. Insurance notifications and claims made to the province or municipality are time-sensitive, which means motor vehicle accident victims need to be prompt and professional when taking action. The stress of doing this on your own can be overwhelming, but Oatley Vigmond can help.

      Our team of motor vehicle accident advisers will ensure that your case is in full compliance with legal protocols, and that all deadlines are met. We work hard to secure the settlement you deserve, and will not collect legal fees unless your motor vehicle accident claim is successful.

      In Ontario, you have the right to sue at-fault drivers for damages suffered as a result of your motor vehicle accident. These damages include not only pain and suffering, but also claims for future care and economic losses. Depending on the nature of your injuries, your family members may also have the right to sue those at fault for damages.

      Many people remain unaware of their legal options in accidents involving no other vehicles. Though some assume no legal recourse is available in these circumstances, the Oatley Vigmond team can help. The authority with jurisdiction over the road is exposed to liability when it permits a road to be in a state that is unsafe for drivers exercising ordinary care. Poor weather conditions, poorly-maintained roads, and inadequate application of salt and sand can all lead to dangerous road conditions, and the municipality, county, or province can be held accountable for neglecting these driving hazards.

      Even when you are technically at fault, our motor vehicle Accident Benefit Specialists can help. Formerly employed in the insurance industry, our specialists have the insight and experience needed to secure Statutory Accident Benefits for injury victims. Statutory Accident Benefits give you access to the rehabilitative and medical support services needed to recover from your injuries.

      Call 1-888-662-2481 for your free consultation. We are standing by to help you receive the treatment and benefits to which you are entitled.