Think Twice Before Wearing Hockey Equipment While Driving

Many Ontario hockey arenas are currently considering precautions that would limit access to dressing rooms this winter. This means that some players may be asked to arrive ready to hit the ice, or get suited-up in the parking lot. The latter is fine for now, but won’t be in January. The temptation will be to get as much gear on at home as possible beforehand. For those that are driving themselves, how much is too much to wear in a car?

The law is that you must always have complete control of your vehicle. You are responsible if part of your attire interferes with that control and causes a crash.

If you’ve put on anything that lessens your ability to see, hear, respond, and/or reach, you’ve got a problem. You’ve interfered with your control. Ice skates are out of the question. Same for helmets and visors that restrict vision. No gloves and no shin guards. For goalies, the pads may not restrict your movement between the pipes, but certainly would in the confines of a vehicle.

Bulky gear carries another risk: it interferes with the safety restraints in your vehicle. It prevents the snug fit required. This is why parents know not to put infants wearing puffy winter jackets into car seats. Anyone riding in a vehicle needs to be mindful of this when putting on some gear (for yourself or your children) before leaving home.

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