Everyday Driving Dangers and How To Avoid Them

When it comes to driving, there are many seemingly minor matters that can lead to tragic accidents if they are not taken care of. Some of these include:

– Driving with a cracked windshield. This lessens the structural integrity in a front end collision. An intact windshield helps transfer the force of the front end impact down to the chassis, and will lessen the effect felt inside of the car. It will also add structural support to the car’s roof from caving if the vehicle flips over.

– Use of winter tires year round. This will put you at risk as the weather gets warmer. The rubber compound of winter tires is meant to stay soft in the cold weather usually below 7 degrees. As the temperature rises, the rubber tires get very soft and may disintegrate in some situations. Use of winter tires in the warm weather will also affect the handling of your vehicle and your fuel consumption.

– Distracted Driving. This does not just mean texting. Adjusting the radio, DVD player, or even the GPS System lends itself to distracted driving. Eating and drinking while driving is nearly as dangerous as any cell phone distraction. Hands- free devices are also a form of a distraction. Keep your focus on the road and deal you will reduce your chances of being involved in an accident.

– Failure to keep both hands on the wheel. If you keep both hands on the wheel you will have better control of your vehicle and it will be much easier to make important decisions when a situation arises.

– Failure to prepare for road conditions. It is up to the driver to reduce speed in accordance with the weather or road conditions. As the driver you are in control of the speed and the surroundings you drive in. Make sure that you turn your headlights on in the rain or snow, regardless of whether it is day or night.

– Failure to keep your headlights clean. If your headlights become opaque, you can have them deglazed by your auto shop or you can buy a cleaning solution specially designed for headlights. Always make sure that your headlights are in working order.

Keep these issues in mind the next time you head out for a drive. Safety should be everyone’s paramount concern.

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