Roberta Place Class Action Lawsuit – Factsheet

The law firms of Brock Medical Malpractice Law and Oatley Vigmond LLP together have started a class action lawsuit against Roberta Place located on Essa Road in Barrie, Ontario. We have since received numerous inquiries from the public. This factsheet addresses some of these inquiries.

Marcella Lambie whose brother is a resident of Roberta Place is the representative plaintiff in this proposed class action (“Lambie class action”).  Here are five points that make the Lambie class action different from any other class action that may be out there:

1. The Lambie class action only represents the residents of Roberta Place in Barrie, Ontario. We will focus all of our resources and energy in advocating for the residents of Roberta Place and their families. We will not represent the residents of any other long term care home in this lawsuit;

2. The Lambie class action has only sued Roberta Place (and its parent companies) for failing the residents of Roberta Place. The Lambie class action does not intend to sue any other long term care home across the Province. The only focus of the Lambie class action will be the mistreatment of Roberta Place residents in Barrie and no one else. Given the late timing of the outbreak at Roberta Place, and the rapid spread of the virus, the case against Roberta Place is unique and cannot fall into the same category of cases against the other long term care homes across the province;

3. The other class action lawsuit claims to have sued over 80 Long Term Care Homes across Ontario, in addition to various municipalities including the City of Toronto, City of Ottawa, City of Hamilton, Municipality of Durham, Regional Municipality of Peel, as well as the Provincial government. Unlike the Lambie class action, the other class action will not focus only on the substandard treatment received by the residents; rather, the other class action seeks to paint every single long term care home in Ontario with the same brush;

4. To this date, the Lambie class action is the only lawsuit that has been filed against Roberta Place. Despite claims by the media that there are two lawsuits against Roberta Place, the Lambie class action is the only lawsuit that has been filed against Roberta Place. The other class action has yet to file a claim against Roberta Place;

5. The Lambie class action was filed in the Barrie courthouse, and it will be prosecuted and decided in Barrie. Two Barrie law firms are representing the class: Oatley Vigmond LLP (the largest personal injury law firm in Simcoe County), and Brock Medical Malpractice Law (the largest malpractice law firm in Simcoe County). We believe that the unfortunate events at Roberta Place are a matter of public importance to the Barrie community, and we intend to prosecute the case here in Barrie.  The other class action lawsuit which has sued over 80 long term care homes across the province was filed in Toronto and will have to be prosecuted in Toronto, with no relationship to the Barrie community.

If you or a loved one have been impacted by the tragic events at Roberta Place, you can join this class action by simply contacting Brock Medical Malpractice Law at 705-739-4022 or Oatley Vigmond LLP at 705-726-9021. Joining this class action will not cost you anything.

Dated at Barrie: February 1, 2021

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