Live Streaming Dangerous Driving

Many social media platforms have recently enhanced their services to include a live streaming function. Users can film themselves, and stream that video live to the internet. Unfortunately, people are abusing these services. Individuals have been posting live videos of themselves driving recklessly. In some cases, these people are putting others at risk.

For example, a Rhode Island teen recently live streamed himself driving at speeds as high as 104mph (167 km/h). Likely due to a combination of inattention and speed, that individual crashed. He is lucky to be alive, and is lucky he did not kill any innocent road users. However, he sustained serious injuries in the crash, and faces criminal charges. Thanks to the individual’s filming and sharing of his high-speed joyride, police and prosecutors now have a video record of everything that happened.

Unfortunately, the above example is far from an isolated event. Live streaming oneself doing risky activities has become shockingly common. In many cases, the individuals did not get off as easy as the Rhode Island teen. For example, in June 2017, a Ukranian couple was killed while filming themselves breaking the speed limit and drinking. In July 2017, a California woman killed her two 14 year-old passengers while she live-streamed herself driving drunk.

Live streaming dangerous driving is unsafe and ill-advised. It endangers the lives of everyone from the driver, to their passengers, to innocent road users. It also provides essential evidence to the police and courts, that will almost guarantee civil and criminal liability.

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