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Visitor Expenses – Can They Be Claimed?

March 2, 2017|  By:  Josie Skelly

When a person is injured, family members spring into action and rally around to help out in any way...

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Is It Legal To Purchase Marijuana For Medical Use?

February 13, 2017|  By:  Adam R. Little

Although marijuana is currently legal in Canada when prescribed for a medical purpose, there is...

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Legal Issues With End Of Life Care

December 5, 2016|  By:  Oatley Vigmond

When a loved one is critically ill and likely to pass away, many of us struggle with our emotions...

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Ontario Government Passes Rowan’s Law, The First Of Its Kind In Canada

September 20, 2016|  By:  Ben Irantalab

Rowan’s Law is named after the late Rowan Stringer, the 17 year old high school rugby player who...

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When Insurers Say “No” – Payment Protection for Health Care Professionals

September 1, 2016|  By:  Robert M. Durante

Imagine working with a patient for several months or even years before they pay you for your...

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Concussions and The Minor Injury Guideline

August 2, 2016|  By:  Robert M. Durante

The Minor Injury Guideline has become a thorn in many of our sides since its introduction on...

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