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    Burns and Scars

    For over 40 years, we have offered sound advice and compassionate support for victims of traumatic burns and scars. Our personal injury lawyers provide legal and insurance advocacy, medical assistance, and help with everyday issues. Our team has secured landmark verdicts and settlements in Canada, and can help you ensure your physical, financial, and emotional recovery anywhere in Ontario.

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      Traumatic burns and scalds often occur as a result of:

      • Fire
      • Product malfunctions
      • Electric shock
      • Extreme cold
      • Chemicals and corrosives
      • Friction
      • Radiation

      Burns and scalds are extremely painful injuries with long-term repercussions for the victim. Beyond the acute pain and scarring, serious burns and scalds can cause life-altering damage to the nerves, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. This can lead to serious psychological distress and reduced mobility for the victim.

      In many cases, serious burn and scald victims are unable to return to work. This loss of wages can be devastating, especially when you consider that many burn victims will require amputation, serious physical rehabilitation, or plastic surgery during the course of their recovery. In severe cases, burn victims may be left unable to manage the everyday obligations that were taken on prior to the accident. Many victims are left with questions about their physical and financial futures:

      How will I pay my mortgage?

      Who will help me maintain my home?

      How will I buy groceries?

      Where do I turn for help?

      Oatley Vigmond – Your Trusted Legal Advocate

      If you or a loved one has suffered from a traumatic burn, it’s imperative that you connect with a trustworthy legal advocate. The costs of living and rehabilitation can seem insurmountable when your injuries leave you unable to return to work, but a qualified personal injury lawyer can help you secure your physical and financial future.

      Finding the right representation is key. Personal injury cases are complex, and may pit you against large corporations or institutions with well-funded defense teams. Additionally, your case will need to be filed according to strict timelines.

      When you choose our personal injury lawyers, you bolster your case with over 40 years of legal expertise, and welcome a group of talented, skilled, and experienced lawyers onto your team. Our representatives are some of the brightest, most productive people in the industry, and we’ll fight for the best possible outcome in your traumatic burn injury case.

      Our firm has maintained a leadership role in the legal community for a number of years. Roger Oatley is a past president of the Advocates’ Society, while Jim Vigmond served as past president of the Ontario Trial Lawyers’ Association. Additionally, both Roger and Jim are Fellows of the American College of Trial Lawyers, a distinction extended only to those whose professional careers have been marked by the highest standards of ethical conduct, civility, and collegiality.

      Putting People First – Comprehensive Care from our Personal Injury Team

      At Oatley Vigmond, we’re committed to bringing our clients the best possible healthcare solutions at every stage of their recovery. Medical procedures and physical rehabilitation can be expensive, but our clients’ concerns are rarely limited to their finances; many traumatic burn victims worry about how their injury will affect the rest of their life, and they turn to our team for help.

      Our personal injury law firm puts people first. More than legal representatives, we can help you assemble your critical care team in the early stages of your recovery, and arrange assistance programs to help with everyday tasks as needed. We refer our clients only to the most reputable medical experts and professionals.

      No-Cost Legal Consultation and Risk-Free Representation

      Financial stresses associated with traumatic burns and scalds include:

      • Hospital stays
      • Dressing and post-discharge clinic visits
      • Therapy and rehabilitation
      • Pressure garments
      • Scar review consultations
      • Surgical procedures
      • Annual outpatient appointments
      • Psychological therapy
      • Live-in care or other assistance programs
      • Medication

      Our personal injury law firm will not burden you or your family with unwanted financial stress during your trying times.  Our consultations are 100% free, and you don’t pay until we win your case. In doing so, we put our compassion care and 40 years of legal expertise in reach of anyone in Ontario.

      Need to speak with a burn injury lawyer? Call now at 1-888-662-2481.

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