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    Doctor’s Negligence

    As Canadians, we take great pride in our healthcare system, but sometimes mistakes are made. In fact, studies show that the number of medical malpractice claims filed against Canadian physicians has grown since the 1970s. A doctor’s negligence can have grave consequences, potentially resulting in unnecessary injury and prolonged suffering. This can mean financial losses, emotional pain and suffering, and even death.

    If an Ontario doctor’s negligence caused you serious injury, they may be liable for damages. Oatley Vigmond will fight for your compensation, and assist with immediate and ongoing care needs. We are on your side from first call to final contact.

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      Do I Have a Doctor’s Negligence Case?

      The best way to determine whether you have a medical malpractice case is to contact a personal injury lawyer in Ontario.

      Not every poor healthcare outcome is caused by medical malpractice. All medical treatments and procedures have some inherent risk. In some cases, the illness is incurable, regardless of the standard of care being provided.

      But when a minor procedure goes awry or a routine prescription causes serious harm, it likely means that mistakes were made. In such cases, doctor’s negligence may be to blame.

      Determining whether a healthcare provider failed to follow protocol or meet standards of care is crucial for the sake of the client as well as future patients, but it’s not easy. Every medical malpractice case is complex and unique. To find out if you are eligible for compensation, a medical malpractice lawyer will need to review your medical records and retain specialists to assess any physical, psychological, and financial damages that may have occurred as a result of your injury.

      The Oatley Vigmond medical malpractice law firm can help. We have over forty years of experience with doctor’s negligence claims. In that time, our medical malpractice lawyers have secured landmark settlements and verdicts for our clients, and built an extensive networks of medical, insurance, and rehabilitation professionals to consult with and support your recovery.

      How Do I Prove Doctor’s Negligence?

      Though every case is different, your medical malpractice lawyer will generally use the following framework for the basis of your claim:

      • Establish criteria for a reasonable standard of care. Before we can determine whether your doctor’s actions failed to meet reasonable medical standards, we must first define these criteria. Your medical malpractice lawyer will retain specialists from the healthcare sector to identify reasonable standards of care, then ascertain whether these were met.
      • Identify a breach of reasonable standards of care. Once we have established criteria for reasonable standards of medical care and competency, we must prove the doctor’s negligence.
      • Establish causation for your personal injury. To win your medical malpractice case, you must link your injury to the doctor’s negligence. In some cases, a proven breach of reasonable standards of care may be unrelated to the injury. For example, failure to sterilize surgical tools is a clear breach of reasonable standards, but cannot be considered the cause for the wrong arm being operated on. On the other hand, the doctor’s negligence here could be linked to the development of a life-threatening infection during the patient’s recovery.
      • Assess the damages of your medical malpractice injury. Once you have submitted evidence that establishes the doctor’s negligence caused your injury, you will need to assess its financial consequences. Accurate assessments depend on specialized knowledge obtained through collaboration between insurers, medical experts, and members of your legal team.

      Oatley Vigmond has the knowledge, experience, and resources to assess your doctor’s negligence case, assemble a rehabilitative care team, and get the compensation you deserve. Call 1-888-662-2481 for a free consultation.

      How Much Will I Be Compensated if My Doctor’s Negligence Claim is Successful?

      Because every case is different, no single answer exists.

      But our medical malpractice law firm will fight for the compensation you deserve. In our forty year history, we have accrued a number of landmark settlements and verdicts, including:

      $10-million to support a young Ontario man who suffered serious brain injuries after being left unattended by healthcare providers.

      $5.5-million to assist the family of an Ontario construction worker who suffered serious cognitive impairment after his heart stopped due to an overdose of medication by intensive care providers.

      $443,000 to the improve the quality of life of an 11-year old girl who was left with functional impairment and scarring after an infection caused by doctor’s negligence during surgery.

      Learn more about our history of success in medical malpractice litigation.

      Why Choose Oatley Vigmond As My Medical Malpractice Law Firm?

      At Oatley Vigmond, experience is our greatest asset. We recognize that every case is complex, unique, and highly specialized, and adopt an approach that combines 40 years of experience with an extensive network of medical and insurance specialists to support your claim.

      Our medical malpractice firm puts people first. We understand the struggles our clients face, both immediately after their injuries and during the course of their recoveries.  In addition to helping you obtain the compensation needed to improve quality of life and secure your financial future, our personal injury lawyers will support you for the duration of your case, assisting with your immediate and ongoing recovery needs. Whether that involves assembling your rehabilitative care team, scheduling transportation, or just helping with the groceries is entirely up to you.

      Book a Consultation with a Medical Malpractice Lawyer – No Cost, No Commitment

      Doctor’s negligence is a complicated matter, and you probably have lots of questions.

      Talk to one of our medical malpractice lawyers to see if you have a case. Our consultations are completely free and involve no commitments – call toll free at 1-888-662-2481, or visit our contact page.

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