Saturday Pick’em Challenge – Official Rules & FAQ

Introducing SATURDAY PICK’EM CHALLENGE – an Oatley Vigmond campaign to help support locally-owned restaurants while celebrating the return of the NHL.

Each weekend, we will be spotlighting restaurants that are currently open for take-out by purchasing and giving away a $100 gift certificate.

Followers can enter the contest by predicting the winners of every hockey game being played on that Saturday, using the following link:

Please note that in order to count, your picks must be submitted before the start of the first Saturday game. In the event of a tie, we will conduct a Monday morning raffle among the names of those who tied and announce a winner on this page.

Any questions? Please e-mail Connor at These weekly contests are open to all residents of Ontario, but you must be following at least one Oatley Vigmond social media account!

Considering joining ? Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions you may have:

Q: Is it really free to participate?
A: Yes, absolutely. All we ask is that you follow us on one of our social media pages, and consider ordering take-out from any of the different restaurants that we’ll be featuring on here each week.

Q: How do I submit my predictions?
A: Once you have created a team entry using our custom link above, simply log-in to your OfficePools account to enter and save your choices.

Q: Is there a mobile app available?
A: Yes, and it is excellent. Just search “OfficePools” in your preferred app store, sign in to your account, and you’ll be able to follow along with your picks and the standings during the games.

Q: When should I submit my predictions?
A: We recommend making sure you’ve saved your picks each week before you go to bed on Friday night, since there will usually be at least one Saturday afternoon game. Once a game has started, you can longer select it.

Q: How many times can I enter?
A: One entry per person. If we identify that you have accidentally created multiple entries, a member of the Marketing team will contact you to determine which entry should be deleted.

Q: Is there a deadline to sign-up?
A: No, since every week is its own separate giveaway, you can sign up at any time and be fully eligible to win the prizes for all remaining weeks.

Q: Do I have to participate every week once I’ve signed up?
A: No, that’s not mandatory. Building off the previous question, you can pick and choose which weeks you wish to submit predictions.

Q: What happens if there is a tie?
A: In the event of a tie for the most points in a given week (i.e. three people go 10-for-10), winner(s) among them will be randomly selected on Monday morning via raffle.

Q: How do I check the standings during the weekend?
A: Sign in to your account, click on ‘Access your Pools’, select the standings, and toggle the tracker to display the Gameday # of the current week.

Weekly Winners Tracker:

Week 1 – Pascal Gauthier (Donaleighs / North Country BBQ)
Week 2 – Cheryl Murphy (Michael & Marion’s)
Week 3 – Matt Hennigar (Fancy’s Fish & Chips)
Week 4 – Michael Rafalovich (The Mexican House)
Week 5 – Kim Cathrine (Casa Mia)
Week 6 – Katherine Burston & Carlin Jessop (O’Hara’s Public House)
Week 7 – Nicole Brown (Grillicious Gourmet)
Week 8 – DJ Gervais, Stephen Burston, Ian Shepley (The Lockeroom)
Week 9 – Blair Seed (British Arms Pub)
Week 10 – Mitchell Grant (Elora Brewing Co.)
Week 11 – Cody Liddard (Cravings)
Week 12 – Keith Lindsay (Limoncello Italian Bistro)
Week 13 – Noah Jackson (The North) & Anna Dalzell (B’Spoke Kitchen & Market)
Week 14 – Raymond Brown (The Lockeroom)
Week 15 – Meaghan Cameron (The Lockeroom) & Pat Gaughan (Judge & Jury)
Week 16 – Gail Rogers & Jessica Murray (PIE Pizzeria)
Week 17 – Michelle LaRose (TBD)

Runners-Up (top overall standings without having won a weekly prize):
Jim Inglis, Rick Cameron, Lori Anderson, Bobbi Cumming, Jennifer Duff*, Brendan Kinsella*

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