Spring Daylight Saving Time

Daylight saving time has crept up on us yet again. This Sunday, everyone in Ontario (aside from three communities in northwestern Ontario), set their clocks one hour ahead (and for those who never set back your clocks in November, your clocks will now be accurate). In the spring, daylight saving time is short-term pain for long-term gain. While we will lose an hour of sleep, we gain an hour of daylight and the promise that summer is on its way.

However, did you know that the one hour of lost sleep is more significant than we think? In fact, research has shown that on the Monday following the time change, there is an increase in motor vehicle accidents, workplace injuries and heart attacks. Knowing this, is daylight saving time really worth it? The answer is yes. Although there is an increase in these incidents immediately following the change, overall the time change saves lives as studies have shown that more motor vehicle accidents happen in the dark than in the daylight – therefore more daylight equals fewer accidents. Nevertheless, always make sure you are well rested for the following Monday and take extra care driving or walking to work.

About the Authors

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