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What is an Accident?

An accident is defined as an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally that could have been prevented had circumstances leading up to the accident been recognized and acted upon, […]

Who’s At Fault: I Hit A Pedestrian Jay Walking

Drivers and pedestrians have a shared responsibility to use the roadway with care. In pedestrian-motor vehicle accident cases involving jay walking, both parties are generally found at fault. The degree […]

What To Do After A Car Accident

Car accidents are unfortunately common. In the best case scenario, they are minor in nature and just ruin your day. On the other hand, they can result in serious injuries […]

Leaving the scene of an accident

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be a scary and unnerving experience. Nevertheless, if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident you must remain at the scene. […]

Parties under a Disability: Court Approval and Guardianship

Where a settlement is reached on behalf of a child or on behalf of a person who is mentally incapable of making financial decisions the settlement must be approved by the Court. The Court reviews not just the amount of the settlement but the investment and proposed management of the settlement funds. This article discusses various issues relating to the approval of settlements.

Motorcycle Safety Gear

Even though motorcycles are inherently more dangerous to operate than passenger cars, we are seeing an increase in the popularity of this mode of transportation. In an effort to reduce the risks of riding a motorcycle, enthusiasts are taking considerable steps to protect themselves through the use of sophisticated safety gear. Some examples include protective gloves, plated or padded jackets, reinforced boots and protective pants.