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motor vehicle accident

Should You Sue Your Own Family?

You are headed up north for a family weekend at the cottage. You are a front seat passenger in your father’s vehicle when you are involved in a motor vehicle […]

“I Bent My Fender… What Do I Do Now?”

Even the best drivers can become involved in a car accident. Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act creates a duty to report to police any accident that results in personal injury, property […]

Will My Vehicle Protect Me In A Crash?

In the late 1950’s Ford Motor Company introduced the Lifeguard options package. This optional package provided the Ford owner with seat belts and a dished steering wheel. Seat belts were […]

The Dangers of Medically Unfit Drivers

Medically unfit drivers pose a serious risk to themselves and the public. Driving is a deceptively complex activity. It requires the constant use of our eyes, mind and body. Medical […]