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Ewing (Litigation guardian of) v. Conte

September 10, 2013|  By:  Troy Lehman, Adam R. Little,

This is an important decision involving an injured person’s ability to access justice without...

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Developing Damages

July 25, 2013|  By:  James L. Vigmond

Evolution... The development of damages is the most interesting and exciting part of any...

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FAIR Advocates on Behalf of MVA Victims

July 11, 2013|  By:  Oatley Vigmond

Many individuals who are involved in an Ontario motor vehicle accident (“MVA”) sustain...

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Motorcycle Safety Gear

July 10, 2013|  By:  Adam R. Little

We all know that motorcycles are inherently more dangerous to operate than passenger cars. ...

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What Is An Accident?

July 8, 2013|  By:  Oatley Vigmond

A person must be involved in an “accident” to be entitled to statutory accident benefits from...

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Demonstrative Evidence

March 25, 2013|  By:  Troy Lehman

INTRODUCTION  Demonstrative evidence can be very persuasive.   Research has shown that people...

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Significant Changes to Your Accident Benefits Coverage

February 15, 2011|  By:  Oatley Vigmond

After September 1, 2010, you have far less coverage if you have the misfortune of being involved in...

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So You Love to Travel…What if You Get Hurt?

April 8, 2010|  By:  Brian M. Cameron

In this modern era, traveling to foreign and exotic places is commonplace, especially for Canadians...

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Changes to Auto Insurance Will Affect Lawyers, Claimants & Health Care Practitioners

January 15, 2010|  By:  Oatley Vigmond

The Ontario government has recently announced substantial changes to the auto insurance system...

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