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The Law and You: Inevitable Accidents

We sometimes hear that a car accident was “inevitable” or “unavoidable,” but what does that really mean? An inevitable accident is one that was not intended and which, under all […]

Road Hazards

An unexpected hazard on a roadway can cause a driver to swerve or brake suddenly and crash into other vehicles, pedestrians, or structures. Road hazards can include a wide variety […]

The Danger of Feet on the Dashboard

It is not unusual, particularly on long summer road trips, to see front seat passengers with their feet on the dashboard. Passenger side front airbags are standard in any vehicle […]

Will My Vehicle Protect Me In A Crash?

In the late 1950’s Ford Motor Company introduced the Lifeguard options package. This optional package provided the Ford owner with seat belts and a dished steering wheel. Seat belts were […]

Seatbelts and the Law

The statistics are clear. Vehicle occupants who fail to wear a seatbelt are much more likely to injure themselves in the event of a crash than those who do. Ensuring […]