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slip and fall

Slip and Fall In A Department Store

You may be entitled to compensation if you have been injured after slipping and falling in a store. Retailers are governed by the Occupiers’ Liability Act. They owe a positive […]

Municipal Liability for Sidewalks

Most of the time, the sidewalk in your neighbourhood is probably a safe and convenient place to go for a stroll.  However, sometimes sidewalks can shift, crack, deteriorate, and in […]

The Duty of A Homeowner to Remove Ice and Snow

There are many things to dislike about a Canadian winter. Heading outside to shovel or salt your driveway isn’t much fun when the temperature is -20, however, if you fail to shovel and salt your driveway or walkway you are putting yourself at risk to get sued.

I Slipped on Watermelon Juice… What Can I Do?

To prevent harm, as much as is possible, the law requires that owners and operators of commercial establishments take such reasonable care as is necessary to make sure that people are safe while they are on the premises.