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Social Host Liability

Prom After-Parties: Social Host Liability

In May 2019, in the early morning hours a teenager was fatally shot while attending a prom after-party in Whitchurch-Stouffville. The criminal investigation is still in the preliminary stages; however, […]

Social Host Liability in Ontario: An Update

A 2017 court decision, Wardak v. Froom, suggests that the law regarding the legal responsibility social hosts have towards their guests (“social host liability”) may be changing in Ontario. Social […]

Social Host Liability – Has the Time Come?

Traditional beliefs about social host liability are under attack by a public which is increasingly intolerant of drinking and driving. Read Roger Oatley and Robert Durante’s analysis as they review the law and offer the evidence to support their view that it is only a matter of time and the right case before the law is rewritten on this issue.

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