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Rowan’s Law: Protecting Children following Sports Concussions

April 6, 2018|  By:  Adam R. Little

In May of 2013, 17 year-old Rowan Stringer died after suffering multiple concussions while playing...

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“My Friend Borrowed My Car and Crashed It, Now What?”

March 5, 2018|  By:  Shane Henry

Few of us think twice about lending our cars to family or friends. We tend not to consider the...

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The Importance of Tenant’s Insurance

November 20, 2017|  By:  Troy Lehman

Many people who rent their homes think that tenant’s insurance is a waste of money.   Some...

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I’ve Been Sued – Now What?

November 8, 2017|  By:  Kevin Henderson

Every vehicle in the province is required to have insurance, but how does that insurance help you...

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Banishing the Schoolyard Bully

October 11, 2017|  By:  Shane Henry

Bullying is aggressive behaviour that is typically repeated over time. It is meant to cause harm,...

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Long-Term Disability Insurance: Am I Covered?

September 25, 2017|  By:  Adam R. Little

Long-term disability insurance or LTD insurance provides wage replacement benefits in the event...

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Accidents on American Roads

September 5, 2017|  By:  Troy Lehman

Canadians make over 30 million car trips to the United States every year. Unfortunately, some of...

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What Your Game Console Knows About You

August 21, 2017|  By:  Shane Henry

It is staggering to think that across the globe, 65% of all households own a device used for...

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Backyard Trampolines: Think Before You Leap!

August 8, 2017|  By:  Adam R. Little

Kids love to bounce. So, it is no wonder that sales of backyard trampolines have skyrocketed over...

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Driving with an Expired Driver’s Licence: Consequences Beyond the Ticket

July 24, 2017|  By:  Kevin Henderson

Many people in Ontario have no idea when their driver’s licence expires. Rather than taking note...

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