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Articles by: Liane Brown

Should You Sue Your Own Family?

You are headed up north for a family weekend at the cottage. You are a front seat passenger in your father’s vehicle when you are involved in a motor vehicle […]

Season 1 Episode 6: Liane Brown

“Exhibit Eh” hosts Charles and Harrison were thrilled to have Oatley Vigmond Associate Liane Brown join them in the studio for the entirety of Episode 6. The pair come to […]

Road Hazards

An unexpected hazard on a roadway can cause a driver to swerve or brake suddenly and crash into other vehicles, pedestrians, or structures. Road hazards can include a wide variety […]

The “Move Over” Law in Ontario

The “move over” law was enacted in Ontario back in 2003. Sections 159(2) and (3) of the Highway Traffic Act require drivers to slow down and proceed with caution when […]

The Dangers of Road Rage

Most drivers have experienced some level of annoyance or anger at other drivers on the road, but “road rage” is much more extreme. Road rage occurs when a driver’s extreme […]