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Articles by: Liane Brown

Tips for Driving Undistracted

Distracted driving has been receiving a lot of attention lately and most people are aware of how dangerous it can be. Despite this, many people cannot resist the urge to […]

Distracted Driving: More Than Just Texting

Distracted driving is the leading cause of traffic-related deaths in Ontario. In response to this disturbing statistic, Ontario enacted new “distracted driving” legislation in October, 2009. This legislation made it […]

School Bus Safety

With our kids recently returning to school, school bus safety is likely on all of our minds. When we send our kids out the door in the morning, we all […]

Permission Forms on School Trips

Schools will often provide field trips and activities to enhance the students’ enjoyment and interest in education. These trips can be fun and exciting for your child. However, these trips […]

The Latest Word from FSCO and Judges on Relevant Facebook Production Issues

Social networking has become a worldwide phenomenon. Rare is the client in 2012 who is not participating in Internet based social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In a personal injury context the widespread use of Facebook can present a problem for both plaintiffs and plaintiff’s counsel.