Checking In with Jim Vigmond

As Ontarians navigate the effects of COVID-19, it’s important for everyone to make an effort to keep in touch with friends and loved ones as best that they can. During the next few months, we’ll be reaching out to Oatley Vigmond’s lawyers, accident benefits specialists, and hard-working staff through a recurring “Checking In with _________” Q&A segment hosted here on the firm’s website.

Today’s check-in is with Oatley Vigmond Founding Partner James (Jim) L. Vigmond. In April, Jim and his wife Sharon celebrated the arrival of their second grandchild, Jack Christopher Hamilton.


How he’s been spending his extra time at home this year:

Playing ‘match’ with his granddaughter Ava, helping make tea for Gigi (Sharon), getting up after listening to Ava sing ‘Grandpa, I’m Awake’ for 15 minutes in her crib, going for walks/boat rides.

The first place he will go when quarantine restrictions are lifted:

The Lockeroom Sports Bar & Grill with his friends.

The best television show he’s been watching recently:

Dora The Explorer (with Ava).

One way his life has changed due to COVID:

Made a commitment to stay in touch with those who are important to him.

What he has learned from the past few months:

That Oatley Vigmond has the most amazing, dedicated loyal staff on the planet.

About the Authors

Born and raised in Brantford, Ontario, Jim Vigmond is Oatley Vigmond’s founding and managing partner. Brought up in a hardworking Canadian family, Jim’s work ethic was instilled in him by his parents. His father was a tool and die maker turned teacher; his mother, a retail store manager. Jim’s father built their family home himself, and both his parents believed in setting an example for their children defined by humility, hard work and integrity. Jim attributes his ability to connect with his clients to the fact that many of them come from similarly modest backgrounds. “There’s no filter needed when you’re dealing with me,” says Jim. “I am who I am.”

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