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    Oatley Vigmond Sponsors Everyday Heroes Kids to Help Ensure Equitable and Easy Access to Pediatric Support for Families

    June 20, 2022  |  By:  Oatley Vigmond

    Not all heroes wear capes! Oatley Vigmond, one of Canada’s top personal injury law firms and a member of the Personal Injury Alliance (PIA Law), teamed up with the alliance’s co-firms, McLeish Orlando, and Thomson Rogers to sponsor Everyday Heroes Kids (EHK). The two-year, $30,000 sponsorship from the PIA Law firm members enables the pediatric platform, which virtually connects parents and caregivers for free to accredited pediatric professionals and organizations, to grow and expand its reach to have a greater impact on the communities it serves. Currently it features over 600 profiles of accredited pediatric professionals with dedicated URLs highlighting their pediatric expertise and approach to care in the areas of health, mental health, and education.

    “Everyday Heroes Kids is grateful to Oatley Vigmond and the other PIA law firm members for their generous sponsorship and support. This sponsorship is vital to our organization to ensure we can continue to grow our platform, expand our reach, and provide free, easy access to pediatric support to families in need,” said Tammany Petrie, Founder of Everyday Heroes Kids.

    For Petrie, a proud mother of two amazing boys with special needs, trying to find resources and information on pediatric support before EHK was not only time-consuming but highly stressful. This inspired her to form EHK so that families could not only find the information they needed with ease but to also discover services they may not have known existed for their children.

    Launched in 2020 from the Biomedical Zone accelerator at St. Michael’s Hospital and Ryerson University, now known as the Toronto Metropolitan University, EHK’s mission is to create a ‘circle of care’ around a child to help support healthier, happier kids across Canada. The EHK team is comprised of parents and professionals who have been directly affected by learning, physical, and developmental disabilities in children. Last December, EHK announced a partnership with Kids’ Health Links Foundation to further expand access to important pediatric resources.

    As a community-minded and socially conscious law firm, Oatley Vigmond is continually giving back to help those in need to build-up and support the communities it lives and works in. The firm is also focused on sponsoring local organizations and charities that offer essential services and resources to their clients and their families when rebuilding their lives after suffering a life-altering injury or the loss of a loved one.

    For James L. Vigmond, a Founding Partner at Oatley Vigmond, cases involving young children pose unique challenges due to identifying and accessing personal care needs and compensable losses. He adds, “A child’s legal advocate must be sensitive to distinct procedural and evidentiary rules that apply to persons under disability. Our primary objective is to maximize a child’s recovery and rehabilitation through accessing appropriate experts and rehabilitation therapies. Everyday Heroes Kids’ pediatric platform helps us to bridge that gap to ensure easy and equitable access to all.”

    Oatley Vigmond, alongside McLeish Orlando and Thomson Rogers personal injury law firms, formed PIA Law in 2012 to provide reputable options to accident victims and their families seeking a personal injury lawyer. These three law firms represent Canada’s top three personal injury law firms and have achieved some of the largest personal injury settlements in Canadian history.

    Oatley Vigmond also understands each client’s journey does not stop once the case is settled. Because those suffering or sadly left behind require special care, support and access to valuable resources like EHK to help rebuild their lives.

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    About Everyday Heroes Kids

    Everyday Heroes Kids (EHK) offers a free platform that helps you connect with experienced health, mental health and education professionals and organizations.  It is easy, economical, and effective!  EHK offers the resources parents and caregivers can trust.  Families save time, money and stress while searching for the supports that can have a lasting impact on their children.  For more information, please contact: Website: and follow them on social @EverydayHeroesKids.

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