Oatley Vigmond Says Goodbye to Service Dog-in-Training

For the past three years, Oatley Vigmond has had an unusual addition to the team: TJ, a COPE service-dog-in-training, has regularly been coming into the office. Service dogs need exposure to all types of public environments in their first few years of life to ensure they are calm and capable of staying with their owners no matter the situation. TJ was able to get a taste of law office life, dutifully laying under lawyer Erin Murray’s desk while she worked away, visiting with the staff and lawyers, attending team meetings (his legal contributions were somewhat limited) and brightening everyone’s day.

TJ has completed his training, and is now a full-time COPE service dog for a young woman with cerebral palsy.

Oatley Vigmond is a proud supporter of COPE Service Dogs, a charity which trains service dogs to assist individuals with disabilities. You can read more about COPE Service Dogs at copedogs.org.


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