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    Pharmacy Malpractice

    Pharmacists are entrusted with a very important duty in our health care system: preparing and supplying the medications prescribed by our doctors. When that duty is breached, it may constitute grounds for a pharmacy malpractice lawsuit.

    If a doctor or pharmacist’s negligence caused you or a loved one to suffer serious physical, emotional, or financial harm, that doctor or pharmacist may be liable for damages. Oatley Vigmond will fight for your compensation, and assist with immediate and ongoing care needs. Retain our pharmacy malpractice lawyers for no charge until your claim is successful:

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      What Constitutes Pharmacy Malpractice – Do I Have a Case?

      At its core, pharmacy malpractice (sometimes referred to as pharmacy negligence) refers to the incorrect filling of a prescription. Further issues include:

      • Processing order liabilities
      • Unauthorized prescription refills
      • Improper labelling or instruction
      • Wrong drug, dosage, or potency
      • Failure to warn patient of hazardous side effects, including addiction, consequences of excessive dosages, and other risks that may arise from using the drug
      • Failure to dispense necessary medication

      Common causes of pharmacy malpractice include:

      • Understaffed pharmacies
      • Emphasis on speed of delivery over safety/due diligence
      • Overreliance on pharmacy technicians
      • Distractions
      • Inadequate regulations
      • Failure to comply with product recalls
      • Doctor error or malpractice

      Generally speaking, the success of a pharmacy malpractice case will hinge on two factors:

      1. The personal injury lawyer’s ability to establish the pharmacist’s duty of care to the persons receiving his or her prescription – this may require proof of vicarious liability
      2. The personal injury lawyer’s ability to prove that pharmacy malpractice or pharmacy negligence has occurred – this will require documentary and oral evidence, as well as testimony from medical experts detailing the harm resulting from negligence

      Once these criteria have been satisfied, liability will be imposed on the pharmacist, who will be required to compensate for pain and suffering, medical care, and other financial losses and expenses resulting from their negligence. Families who lose a loved one can also file a pharmacy malpractice against the pharmacist who breached their duty of care.

      Though we can share these broad guidelines, the outcome of these cases will depend on the situation. The best way to determine whether you have a pharmacy malpractice case is to contact a personal injury lawyer in Ontario. Our team has the skills and experience to assess, build, and fight for your case in court, but our commitment to your immediate and ongoing care needs is what truly sets our pharmacy malpractice firm apart.

      How Much Will I be Compensated if my Pharmacy Malpractice Claim is Successful?

      Compensation differs from case to case, but you can review some of our greatest pharmacy malpractice success stories here.

      What never changes is our commitment to obtaining the best possible outcome for our clients. With over 40 years of experience in pharmacy malpractice, we understand the financial hardship that a prolonged court case can bring on a family, especially when injuries and adverse effects prevent the victim from returning to work. That’s why we offer 100% free consultations and do not collect service fees until your claim is successful. In this way, we put our expertise in reach of anyone in Ontario, without ever putting you at risk of further financial hardship.

      Why Choose Oatley Vigmond’s Pharmacy Malpractice Lawyers?

      Pharmacy malpractice cases have low success rates in large part because so few firms are equipped to navigate the complicated legal, insurance, and medical frameworks that pertain to these claims.

      With 40 years of success in pharmacy malpractice litigation, experience is one of our greatest assets. In that time, we have secured landmark verdicts and settlements, and assembled a team of multi-disciplinary experts to give every client the best chance of success.

      Not only do we have experience but, Oatley Vigmond puts people first. We understand the physical, emotional, and financial struggles our clients face, and do all we can to ensure their care and comfort from first call to final contact. The potential harm from taking too much, too little, or an incorrect medication can have dangerous effects. If you have a negative reaction to the wrong medication, you might find yourself injured and unable to work for an indefinite period of time. Alternatively, you might find yourself hospitalized or under the care of a loved one.

      In addition to fighting for your compensation in court, we assist with immediate and ongoing care needs, supporting your mental, physical, and financial wellness for the duration of your claim. Whether you need to secure after-school pick-ups for your children, or require assistance assembling a top-level team of rehabilitation specialists, we can help.

      Book a Consultation with a Pharmacy Malpractice Lawyer – No Cost, No Commitment

      Pharmacy malpractice is a complicated issue, and you probably have lots of questions. Our pharmacy malpractice lawyers will review your case for free, with no commitments.

      Call toll free at 1-888-662-2481 or visit our contact page to book a consultation.

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