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Nurse Failure to Recognize Urgency of Symptoms

$10 Million Awarded

Our client, a young man, was minding his own business at a bush party.  Another young man, perhaps because of mistaken identity, clubbed our client across the back of the head with a log.  Stunned and dazed, friends transport our client to hospital.  There a nurse fails to recognize that our client needs urgent medical attention.  So he is left unattended while his symptoms worsen. 

If our client had been seen by a physician the physician would have ordered an urgent CT scan, which would have revealed a bleed on our client’s brain.  With this knowledge the doctors would have arranged urgent neurosurgery.  Because he was allowed to deteriorate severe brain damage occurred, leaving our client unable to move his limbs, unable to talk, to do anything without assistance. 

We recovered damages of $10,000,000 from the insurer of the nurse and hospital, which will be used by our client’s guardian to purchase professional care for our client.  He now lives in his own home and is well cared for because of the success of this lawsuit, which settled on the first morning of the trial.