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    Seatbelts – Are You Wearing Them Properly?

    April 18, 2022  |  By:  Kevin Henderson

    Believe it or not, there are still people that choose not to wear a seatbelt. While the dangers of not wearing a seatbelt are obvious, wearing a seatbelt improperly can be as dangerous as failing to wear a seatbelt at all.

    The most common improperly worn seatbelt issue is improper use of the shoulder strap. Citing discomfort, drivers or passengers will place the shoulder strap either behind them or under their arm. Both can have disastrous consequences.

    Wearing a seatbelt under the arm can cause damage to the ribs, and internal organs in the event of a collision. These areas of the body are not able to absorb collisions in the way that a shoulder can.

    Wearing a seatbelt behind your back can have even more dangerous. For example, in a head on collision, the user’s body is propelled forward, and stopped suddenly at the pelvis. This sudden movement can cause spinal cord injury, including paraplegia.

    It is important to remember that the seatbelt assembly in your car is designed to work in conjunction with other safety systems in your vehicle to reduce the likelihood of injury. By wearing your seatbelt improperly, you compromise the effectiveness of that system and your safety while in a vehicle.

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