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Are Uber Passengers Protected If There Is An Accident?

March 4, 2019|  By:  Kevin Henderson

Uber and Lyft have changed how people get around. But what happens in the event that you are...

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Vaping In Vehicles – Is It Safe? Is It Legal?

October 19, 2018|  By:  Kevin Henderson

Electronic cigarettes are the newest way to consume tobacco. E-cigarettes produce a vapour from...

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The Danger of Feet on the Dashboard

August 2, 2018|  By:  Kevin Henderson

It is not unusual, particularly on long summer road trips, to see front seat passengers with their...

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Safe Cottage Celebrations

June 25, 2018|  By:  Kevin Henderson

Every summer, a countless number of cottage parties, celebrations and gatherings are hosted in...

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Snowmobile Safety Tips

January 29, 2018|  By:  Kevin Henderson

Snowmobiling can be an exciting way to spend an afternoon on a frigid Ontario winter day. Whether...

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Oatley Vigmond announces Kevin Henderson as Partner

January 3, 2018|  By:  Oatley Vigmond

The partners at Oatley Vigmond are pleased to announce that Kevin Henderson has been admitted to...

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I’ve Been Sued – Now What?

November 8, 2017|  By:  Kevin Henderson

Every vehicle in the province is required to have insurance, but how does that insurance help you...

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Driving with an Expired Driver’s Licence: Consequences Beyond the Ticket

July 24, 2017|  By:  Kevin Henderson

Many people in Ontario have no idea when their driver’s licence expires. Rather than taking note...

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Violating The Conditions Of Your License – Consequences Beyond The Ticket

May 30, 2017|  By:  Kevin Henderson

Every driver’s licence issued in the Province of Ontario is subject to conditions. Whether you...

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Nutrition and Spinal Cord Injury

March 9, 2017|  By:  Kevin Henderson

There are many health concerns associated with a spinal cord injury. While the most obvious...

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