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Lower Premiums Could Be Just a Phone Call Away

June 21, 2021|  By:  Nicholas W. Smith

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many residents of Ontario have been logging far fewer...

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Usage-Based Insurance and Telematics: The Road to Cheaper Car Insurance?

March 2, 2021|  By:  Adam R. Little

As 2020 has trickled into 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic has continued, and many Ontarians are still...

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What Drivers Should Know About Food Delivery and Auto Insurance

May 27, 2020|  By:  Nicholas W. Smith

The ongoing situation with COVID-19 has brought about severe consequences from both a health...

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Supreme Court of Canada declines to hear insurance company appeal on dirt bike pay-out after two Ontario courts ordered insurer to pay

April 9, 2020|  By:  Oatley Vigmond, Robert M. Durante, Ben Irantalab,

In 2006, Chris Perneroski from Fenelon Falls, Ontario, was involved in a terrible accident while...

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Ontario Auto Insurance Changes on the Horizon

April 17, 2019|  By:  Nicholas W. Smith

On April 11, 2019, Ontario’s government released their first budget for the province. For those...

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Red Light Cameras: Where Are They and What Do They Record?

March 14, 2018|  By:  Harrison Cooper

There are currently more than 150 red light cameras operated by municipalities in Ontario,...

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“My Friend Borrowed My Car and Crashed It, Now What?”

March 5, 2018|  By:  Oatley Vigmond

Few of us think twice about lending our cars to family or friends. We tend not to consider the...

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So, Your Teenager Wants to Borrow Your Car?

November 15, 2017|  By:  Brian M. Cameron

Every parent is going to face this question sooner or later. Most people realize that having a...

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Medical Cannabis and Auto Insurance Funding

October 30, 2017|  By:  Bill Kirwin

With the rise of medical cannabis as a treatment option for individuals injured in automobile...

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Optional Benefits – Are You As Well Insured As You Think?

June 26, 2017|  By:  Oatley Vigmond

Most people buy, and later renew, their auto insurance without giving any thought to the coverage...

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