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How to Deal With the Unfriendly Doctor

An uncooperative or hostile physician need not stay that way. Here are some tips, techniques and some plain common sense for getting the doctor on — or close to –your side.

Developing Damages

Insight into how to determine, plan, work for, and win appropriate damages for your client.

Jury Openings in MedMal Cases

An essay on crafting opening statements to a jury during a Medical Malpractice trial. Excerpts from the Cubello case included.

Pastore – Why Did it Take Five Hearings to Confirm “A” Means “One”?

What exactly does “marked impairment” mean? According to the AMA’s Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 4th ed., 1993, a person with a marked impairment in daily activities, is a person whose behavioral impairments significantly impede most useful functioning with cleaning, shopping, cooking, riding a bus, paying bills, maintaining a residence, grooming, using a telephone or working.