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Accessible Holiday Travel: Planning Ahead

The air might be cold and the trees may be bare, but excitement arises with the approach of the holiday season. The holiday season is a time where plans are […]

Stag and Doe Liability: What Should You Know?

If you are hosting a stag and doe, wedding, cocktail party, or Christmas party you will want to investigate an Event Alcohol Liability Policy. This type of policy provides protection […]

Look Before You Leap: Shallow Water Diving

The Canada Day long weekend is a time for outdoor fun and cooling off in the water. There are many ways that people engage in water sports but often getting into the water means diving from a dock, pier, platform, balcony or boat. These activities, while fun, can be fraught with hidden dangers when diving into unfamiliar waters.

The Benefits of Alternative Medicine

We are all familiar with prescriptions, shots, surgery, x-rays and all of the regular physician-related treatments that do a pretty good job of getting us healed. So what is alternative […]

Roger Oatley Offers Caution to Uber Passengers

Founding partner Roger Oatley was welcomed as a guest by a handful of radio stations across Ontario this week to provide a legal perspective on interesting potential liability issues surrounding insurance claims […]