The Benefits of Alternative Medicine

We are all familiar with prescriptions, shots, surgery, x-rays and all of the regular physician-related treatments that do a pretty good job of getting us healed. So what is alternative medicine? “Untested, experimental nonsense that offers no benefit”…in many cases, insurance companies will have you believe this. Unquestionably, this is not the case. Many treatments that circumvent the mainstream such as meditation, yoga, acupuncture, nutrition and more have a robust impact on your physical and emotional state of mind.

Obesity and diabetes are at all-time highs. Victims of injury, immobilized or suffering from loss of function, often experience significant weight gain and, in many cases, depression. These issues create new health crises. As we rely more now than ever on pills to cure our ills, drugs often become less effective. In addition, serious medication side effects lead to even the most seriously injured considering alternatives.

The increase in alternative treatment may be a good thing. For example, if you are recovering from surgery, some music therapy may help you to heal. Yes, there are studies! Someone receiving narcotics for pain may also benefit from a little hypnosis. Stress has a ripple effect on many physical and mental behaviours. It may be time for some meditation, or the serenity that yoga can offer. Some doctors will now even complement traditional medicine with alternative disciplines such as Chinese herbs.

Integrated Medicine Programs have conducted hundreds of studies on different medicine techniques. These studies have convinced researchers that many forms of alternative medicine work-and work well. That being said, it’s always recommended that you involve your physician and follow their recommended treatment. Every day, more patients and accident victims are receiving acupuncture, massage, mindfulness and mediation training. With a cooperative approach with traditional medicine, alternative remedies will deliver new ways to get well, reduce stress, improve your health, and put you on the road to recovery. That being said, I need to book a massage!

About the Authors

Steven’s practice areas consist of brain injury, spinal cord injury, orthopaedic injuries, and other personal impairments. Prior to joining Oatley Vigmond in 2012, Steven worked as a claims manager in the insurance industry for more than 16 years, specializing in automobile accident collisions, personal injury and litigation. Years of experience in claims management has provided Steven with a unique insight into the insurance system and how insurance companies think. Now, he provides prompt and effective assistance to help Oatley Vigmond clients access the insurance benefits to which they are entitled following automobile collisions. He also helps assemble a reliable community of rehabilitation and long-term care specialists for our clients.

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