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road safety

How To Avoid Accidents At Four-Way Stops

Drivers who crash at four way stops usually do so because they were not paying attention. A driver who fails to see and subsequently runs a stop sign is more […]

Distracted Driving in Ontario

We live in a world of unprecedented modern technology and gadgets. In the appropriate setting, they greatly enrich our lives. In others, they are dangerous distractions. We have all seen […]

Live Streaming Dangerous Driving

Many social media platforms have recently enhanced their services to include a live streaming function. Users can film themselves, and stream that video live to the internet. Unfortunately, people are […]

So, Your Teenager Wants to Borrow Your Car?

In Ontario, if you loan your car to someone, you are responsible as the owner of the vehicle for all of the damage they cause to the same extent as if you were driving the vehicle yourself.

Self-Driving Cars – Fact or Fiction?

For the last half century, science fiction stories haven given us a glimpse into futuristic worlds with far-fetched technologies and seemingly endless automation. Despite recent advances, we still have to […]