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My Car Hit A Moose: What Are My Legal Rights?

October 6, 2020|  By:  Oatley Vigmond

As an Ontario resident, chances are that you have seen a deer (or other large animal) crossing on...

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Visitor Expenses – Can They Be Claimed?

March 2, 2017|  By:  Josie Skelly

When a person is injured, family members spring into action and rally around to help out in any way...

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Recent News Coverage of June 1st Auto Insurance Changes

April 28, 2016|  By:  Oatley Vigmond, James L. Vigmond, Adam R. Little,

With major Canadian media outlets beginning to run headlines this week about the upcoming auto...

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Comparative Analysis of Damages Concepts in Tort and under the SABS

April 20, 2015|  By:  Oatley Vigmond

Click here to read original paper with citations. Introduction In Ontario a person hurt or...

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Accessing Housing Renovations and Modifications through Accident Benefits

July 31, 2013|  By:  Oatley Vigmond

OVERVIEW Individuals who are injured in motor vehicle accidents in Ontario are usually entitled...

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An Overview of Accident Benefits and How to Build Your Accident Benefits File

July 31, 2013|  By:  Oatley Vigmond

Statutory accident benefits (“accident benefits”) are a type of no-fault insurance coverage...

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What Is An Accident?

July 8, 2013|  By:  Oatley Vigmond

A person must be involved in an “accident” to be entitled to statutory accident benefits from...

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Practical Strategies Webinar: New Developments in Auto Insurance Law Impacting You and Your Clients

May 23, 2013|  By:  Oatley Vigmond

This Practical Strategies Webinar was aired on April 30, 2013. This webinar will update you on...

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Special Considerations for Children Under the SABS

August 30, 2012

The Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule – Accidents On or After November 1, 1996 (the...

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SABS, One Year Later

October 8, 2011|  By:  Oatley Vigmond

It has now been a little over a year since the Ontario government revised the statutory accident...

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