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Considerations for Caregivers

We have all likely provided some form of caregiving support during various times in our lives. Perhaps we have cared for our young children, grandchildren, sick loved ones, elderly, injured […]

My Car Hit A Moose: What Are My Legal Rights?

Obviously no one can sue a deer or a moose for causing the accident. However, a driver injured by a moose or deer can still access statutory accident benefits from his or her own auto insurance policy.

Visitor Expenses – Can They Be Claimed?

When a person is injured, family members spring into action and rally around to help out in any way they can. Visiting a loved one in the hospital or at home following an accident is simply an automatic reaction for most of us. However, there are often costs associated with visiting our loved ones and, if the loved one was injured in a motor vehicle accident in Ontario, those costs are recoverable from the injured person’s auto insurance company.

What Is An Accident?

A person must be involved in an “accident” to be entitled to statutory accident benefits from their motor vehicle insurer. In its everyday use the word accident describes an untoward event which is not expected or designed. There are two questions to ask when determining whether an incident is an “accident” under the SABS. First, did an intervening act cause injuries that would not be part of the ordinary use or operation of a vehicle? Second, was the use or operation of the vehicle a direct cause of the injuries?