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Young Girl Awarded $7 Million after 4-Week Trial

$7 Million Awarded

Our client, on her last day of Grade 8, suffered a traumatic brain injury when she jumped from the back of her school bus on the last day of school. Our investigation revealed that it was a “tradition” at this school that Grade 8 students would exit the school bus from the back emergency door on the last day of school. The bus driver and the bus company failed to report this dangerous tradition to the school.

The bus company argued at trial that our young client was the author of her own misfortune by doing something reckless. But we were able to convince the jury that the adults in charge of the kids bore the majority of the blame by failing to put a stop to a dangerous activity for years.

After a lengthy contested trial the jury awarded our client more than $7,000,000 in damages. This money will allow our client to get the care that she requires in a home of her own.